If you want to know anything specifically about me, then feel free to ask!

Basically, I consider myself Scottish (having been born in Glasgow and spent the first 7 years of my life there).  I have had an eclectic educational background, and have been called an ‘eternal student’ by many of my friends and colleagues.  My over-riding interests are related to music – particularly singing, the recorder, and composing.  I also enjoy anything creative – there is too much destruction in the world already.

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  1. I was just looking for an email address for you and couldn’t find one so I’m sending you this note via your about page.

    I’m wondering if you/we could focus a math chat session during the Math Awareness week (April 23-28) on what’s going on at the Math Conference in Philly (April 25-28). Is that something we can do?

  2. Help us promote math education with the Math Video Challenge!

    Dear Colin,
    As a proponent of math education in the United States, we need your help to promote our nationwide math competition by blogging or posting about it on your blog/forum.

    As you probably already know, despite the fact that the US spends the most money on education per capita, our students are ranked 25th globally for math proficiency. The MATHCOUNTS Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to improving that statistic. MATHCOUNTS’ third annual “ Math Video Challenge” is a math competition for 6th to 8th graders that encourages student innovation as they create and star in their own math videos, thus exciting them to pursue higher education in math.

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