Any questions? [#anyqs]

This part of my blog will act as a repository for my own pictures and videos on the theme of “What is the first question that springs to mind?”  Subsequent questions are ok too, but first thoughts often turn out best!  The initial idea for this came from Dan Meyer — you should be reading his blog and following him on Twitter, if you aren’t already.

As I add a video or a picture, I will put a link to the page on this page.  Please leave your questions on the appropriate page(s) and/or tweet them out using #anyqs and @ColinTGraham so that I can pick them up!  It’s a good idea to tweet them out to #mathchat (find out more here) if they are mathematics-related!  Have fun and try it yourself…


A sake bottle and sake cups
No nails?
Wrexham swimming pool


My brother collects change

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