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Having never had to run a department, let alone a school, I wonder how apprehensive the management teams are about sudden changes. I also wonder how those of us who are not in management positions can best support our colleagues.

Whilst many situations may be new to the management of schools, people have been managing businesses for years: running meetings, controlling budgets, hiring and firing people, etc. Perhaps the time is ripe for schools to get some wisdom from local businesses, since some of their students may be future employees or business owners. The way things appear to be headed in the UK, to me as a recent returnee, seems to be that school = small business!

Try to empathize with the people around you, whatever their position or status, if you can start to see the world through their eyes, then times will certainly become more interesting and less worrying.

Aristotle summed it up in one word: φρόνησις Continue reading