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As a data-collection activity, I feel this was reasonably successful. For future experiments to be successful using Twitter, I think:

a more specialized hashtag would be better.
instructions should be in a tweet about 120-characters long to reduce chances of re-editing.
a longer time period could/should be applied with RTing at timed intervals to allow for global participation.
anyone who ‘hijacks’ the instructions should be contacted and asked to RT original as far as possible.
Google Reader did not retrieve all of the Tweets sent during the experiment, so it is best to have two or three archives available for analysis.
graphs and data charts provided by archive software will also contain extraneous ‘noise’, if people ask questions or discuss the activity using the hashtag.
any archive will probably need to be edited before analysis.
So, over to you now… let me know if you want me to take part in your data-collection activity! Continue reading