Moving the furniture

Anyone who’s moved house once or twice will know that you go through a stage of unpacking the important boxes, and leaving a few boxes lying around until you get the rooms sorted out the way you want!  My blog has been in a similar state of transformation.  I have been working on finding a layout and theme that I like for it and think this is probably going to be it!  My home page is now a static page, rather than a ‘sticky post’ and I have been exploring a few of the other features of widgets in as well.  I have got into the habit of writing my blog posts using Windows Live Writer, and Mike McSharry also has a very helpful manual to help get started!  It is also very worthwhile considering using Live Writer as a front-end for publishing school blogs, since it avoids the rather unpredictable advertising you might get by logging in directly to directly.

The availability of the Tweet button for posts in is also very welcome.  In case you haven’t found it yet, look under Appearance>Extras and select the ‘Show a Twitter “Tweet Button” on my posts’ check-box.  Social media appear to be becoming more and more important, so I have put my three main buttons at the top of the page, where they are easier to find.

Other little tweaks included getting my logo on as an icon, rather than the default W, setting up some file-sharing facilities and tidying up one or two tags and categories.  I also decided a clickable menu at the top of the page would be a good idea.  Oh, and don’t forget the new title!

I’ve decided to consolidate my links into pages, together with other resources, and this is still on-going… so be patient!

Any comments on the new layout are welcome, will be read, but not necessarily acted on… 😉

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