About 101 manipulative lessons with LEGO®

Lego Darth

This is just a short post to explain about the 101 manipulative lessons with LEGO® page.  So far, I have added six ideas/samples out of the projected 101.  Since this has been set up as a permanent page, though, you won’t be kept up-to-date through your reader if you are subscribing to my blog.  To get round this, I will add a comment to the page as I add new ideas or concepts.  So, by subscribing to comments, you should at least be advised of additions.  I will also advise of updates now and again on the #mathchat hashtag in Twitter.

If you would like me to provide lesson plans or further details on specific ideas, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do, but I still think it’s more fun if you try to work it out for yourself!

One point – I find it is a good idea to try to be consistent with colour/number relationships, but this is not always going to be possible.

The images were made using the LEGO® Digital Designer – if you haven’t checked it out, do so now!  It can provide an alternative for those with limited budgets.  I still prefer to play with the real thing though! 😀

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