10 reasons to be a teacher

  1. Seeing someone leave the nest or walk by themselves for the first time is inexplicable, unless you’ve experienced it for yourself.
  2. Being in a learning environment encourages you to continue learning.
  3. Having something to care about and share is, almost, as important as having someone to care about.
  4. You have the chance to open yourself to 2,000 different opinions and personalities every day.
  5. You can be the change you want to see in your students.
  6. People ask you what you think, or they ask you for help, and they genuinely want to know the answer or be helped.
  7. You deepen your understanding of yourself.
  8. You meet others who share your enthusiasm for learning and help you on your way.
  9. You decide how you are going to teach and have control over your methods, and can change them at a moment’s notice in your own classroom.
  10. When people say thank you, you know they really mean it.

I always try to be balanced in my views, but usually love wins out in the end!


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