A maths story for Maria

Brainfreeze Sudoku puzzle for Pi day

Brainfreeze Sudoku puzzle for Pi day

Every year, on her birthday, Maria Droujkova celebrates her birthday by holding Math Storytelling Day.

She usually sends a tweet to invite contributions.

I know it’s her birthday, so I retweeted the link with a message of my own.

In her own inimitable way, Maria sent me a response and a challenge!

Now, 140 characters is very difficult to tell a story in, because it can be too long to retweet and share with others, as Peter Rowlett tried to do.

Sometimes, people actually link to the wrong thing and so the connection gets lost or broken.

Instead of pointing Noel-Ann to my tweet, Peter sent her to his blog post, which was the original inspiration for me to tweet him.

So, because the tweet I sent to Peter never made it to #pihunt, I sent a new, slightly longer one to improve on the original.

And they all lived happily ever after…


One response to “A maths story for Maria

  1. Hugs to you! A story about stories! How many meta-levels can we build?!

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